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ASKY's network currently covers 22 destinations in 20 countries of West and Central Africa.
ASKY currently operates 174 flights a week on its network with an average of 10 000 passengers carried per week.

This network is built around its hub in Lome which gradually positions itself as a regional hub. Strategically speaking, the Lome hub has the advantage of being positioned almost halfway between West Africa and Central Africa, enabling a perfect connection between these two regions.

ASKY's network is connected to that of its strategic partner - Ethiopian Airlines – and flight schedules are designed in such a way as to enable quick connections for passengers from Lome to the rest of the world with Ethiopian Airlines.

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Abidjan 294 900 F CFA
Abuja 275.900 F CFA
Accra 341 900 F CFA
Bamako 414 900 F CFA
Bangui 422 900 F CFA
Bissau 614 900 F CFA
Brazzaville 251 900 F CFA
Cotonou 226 900 F CFA
Dakar 418 900 F CFA
Douala 129 900 F CFA
Kinshasa 459 900 F CFA
Lagos 349 900 F CFA
Libreville 389 900 F CFA
Lomé 320 900 F CFA
Niamey 307 900 F CFA
Ouagadougou 411 900 F CFA
Pointe - Noire 454 900 F CFA