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Knowing your baggage can make a big difference for your trip and ensure safety and comfort. Since you will not have access to your checked luggage during the flight, we recommend that you keep valuable items, fragile items, money and important documents with you in the cabin.

Any object considered dangerous in your luggage will be removed during security checks.

For air transport safety reasons, liquids in the cabin are strictly regulated and must be authorized.

Keep your travel documents in your hand luggage and for easy identification of your luggage, you should also label it with your full contact information (name, surname, address, telephone number and e-mail).

Cabin baggage:
All passengers traveling on ASKY flight either in business or economy class are allowed a hand luggage which dimensions must not exceed:
• Length 55 cm
• Width 25 cm
• Depth 40 cm

The maximum weight of your hand luggage is:
• 10kg in business class
• 07kg in economy class


Checked baggage

Checked baggage must not exceed a dimension of:
• Length 90 cm
• Width 53 cm

The Checked baggage weight allowed depends on the class of the passenger.
The weight of checked baggage will be specified on your ticket:
• 40kg in business class
• 30kg in economy class

For babies under 2 years and children under 12 years:

Children paying 75% of applicable adult fare, benefit the same allowance as adults.
Parents who travel with babies on their knees, receive an additional baggage allowance of 10 kg. In addition to this franchise, they are allowed to carry a collapsible stroller, a bassinet or a baby seat.

Beyond your allowance, the supplement must be paid at ASKY office at the airport during check-in time. Surcharge for excess baggage

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