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ASKY suspends flights to/From Monrovia and Freetown
ASKY suspends flights to/From Monrovia and Freetown

Due to increased concerns about the Ebola virus in our region, ASKY has taken the following steps in order to maximize safety concerns for our customers:

  • ·         ASKY has suspended all flights to and from Freetown and Monrovia
  • ·         ASKY has stopped uplifting food at Conakry
  • ·         ASKY passengers departing from Conakry will be screened for signs of the virus before departing
  • ·         ASKY is working closely with ANAC TOGO in constantly educating passengers at Lomé airport
  • ·         Medical teams in Lomé airport screen all transiting passengers. The same thing is done in all ASKY stations

ASKY is determined to keep its passengers and staff safe during this unsettling time.  ASKY is following the situation closely and will issue updates as the situation changes.

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