I.            Job Title

Legal & Tax Assistant

    II.            Position Summary

ü  On legal side:

  1. Drafting and legal review of contracts with analysis of their implications, including tax implications;
  2. Litigation management;
  3. Legal opinions;
  4. Assistance in the opening of branches/subsidiaries, within the framework of the expansion of the Company;
  5. Legal monitoring;
  6. Analysis of all legal and social situations and advice to General Management.


ü  On tax matters:

  1. Assist in developing, analyzing, revising the various contracts in which ASKY is or will be involved in order to assess their tax impact and guide the hierarchy accordingly in decisions;
  2. Identify the tax regime of all ASKY branches or subsidiaries with regard to the applicable legislation in each country;
  3. Ensure at the headoffice and in the branches or subsidiaries, the appropriate tax treatment of salaries and other remuneration paid to staff and third parties with whom ASKY has a business relationship;
  4. Identify the mechanisms and ensure the proper settlement of the various taxes, duties and contributions of all kinds to which ASKY is subject;
  5. Conduct tax review/audit and issue regularly report on each branch tax situation;
  6. Optimize the taxation of wages and others.


  1. Required Qualifications


  1. Master in Law and Tax;
  2. Professional legal practice and experience of not less than 3 years, with particular emphasis on tax;
  3. Ability to communicate and function in a culturally diverse and change oriented setting with good knowledge of Airlines activities;
  4. Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and French;
  5. Strong skills in drafting a variety of legal documents and communicating complex issues clearly and concisely;
  6. Ability to manage easily tax/impost and related issues;
  7. Ability to work in a fast pace environment with quick turnaround expectations
  8. Negotiating skills and capacity to work with other professionals including non-legal professionals to develop innovative solutions to conflicting interests and positions;
  9. Willingness to assume multiple roles and tasks to meet changing business needs with ability to foresee, troubleshoot and effectively resolve conflicting issues and challenges; and
  10. Demonstrated leadership capabilities, including ability to organize and manage human resources to attain goals.





  • Permanent contract

Send your application to the following address:

BP. 2988 Lome – Togo or Email:askyrecrutement@flyasky.com

  1. The application must include: a curriculum vitae, a cover letter, a certified copy of birth certificate, a certified copy of certificate of nationality, certified copies of all diplomas and certificates. (Please, put everything in one document).
  2. For applications sent by mail, please clearly indicate the position you are applying for on the envelope. Only selected candidates will be contacted.

Deadline for submission: February 6, 2024.

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