The passage

Passenger transportation is the first activity of the airline in terms of turnover. The passage service consists of a set of teams:

  • Hosting and taking charge of the passengers,
  • Reservations management,
  • Specific commercial concerns and luggage reclaim follow up
  • Cooperation with other airlines
  • Insuring a quality policy of the airlines toward customers.

ASKY passage service is based on skills in language, computer science, all matters relating to safety and that of passengers. Passage service staff are skilled and comply with the procedures laid down by the companies and are prepared to anticipate and manage exceptional or crisis situations. Along the chain ASKY keeps a constant concern of professionalism and quality of service in its benefits.


Airmail traffic today is undoubtedly a service offered by all airlines with international scope like ASKY. ASKY offers opportunities for partnerships with postal services of the continent for the transport of all metric tons dynamic economies will ask to carry through the world.

ASKY intends to empower quality, regularity and punctuality, which determine a competitive mail service. Liberalization movement as announced to the European Union for January 1st 2011 where the majority of ordinary postal mail will be open to competition opens more interesting prospects still in this area for ASKY.

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