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Knowing your baggage can make a big difference for your trip. Since you will not have access to your checked luggage during the flight, we recommend that you keep valuable items, fragile items, money and important documents with you in the cabin.

Any object considered dangerous in your luggage will be removed during security checks.

For air transport safety reasons, liquids in the cabin are strictly regulated and must be authorized.

Keep your travel documents in your hand luggage and for easy identification of your luggage, you should also label it with your full contact information (name, surname, address, telephone number and e-mail).


From September 1, 2022, ASKY offers you the following for your luggage:

Carry on luggage :

  •          Business class: 10 kg
  •          Economy class: 07 kg


Check-in luggage:

  •          Business class: two pieces of 32 kg each
  •          Economy class: two pieces of 23 kg each


ASKY club members benefit from an additional baggage allowance according to their level.








1 PC of 23KG

1 PC of 23KG


1 PC of 32KG

1 PC of 32KG


1 PC of 32KG or 2 PC of 23KG

1 PC of 32KG or 2 PC of 23KG


Beyond your free baggage allowance, the extra baggage fee must be paid at the ASKY office at the airport during check-in time.

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