Reasons To Be

After the former multinational Air Afrique bankrupt in 2002, air transport in Africa became more difficult, with serious problems for goods and people traffic in West and Central Africa.

Aware of these difficulties, the Conference of Heads of State and Government of the Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS) and the West African economic and monetary union (UEMOA) gathering in Niamey in Niger on January 10, 2004, decided to have a private, competitive, cost-effective airline offering all guarantees of safety and security for the region.

Following this decision, the Executive Secretariat of ECOWAS, the Ecowas Bank of Investment Development (EBID), the UEMOA Bank Of Development (BOAD), the Central Bank of West Africa States (BCEAO) and ECOBANK group met at the headquarters of BCEAO in Dakar on August 29, 2005 and decided to create a company for the promotion of the next Community Airline.

In September 2005, the company for the promotion of a regional airline (SPCAR) was created and led to various feasibility studies; market studies, sought various financial and strategic partners and took the steps that led to the establishment in November 2007 of ASKY.


To be an international airline with a touch of Africa, serving and connecting African countries and Africa to the world with excellent quality service.


  • Support and facilitate dynamic economic and trade activities through the creation of new air transport routes within the region.
  • Provide regular, safe and reliable connections at competitive rates.
  • Facilitate different connections through its intensive network and the on time performance of its flights.
  • Contribute to the development of tourism within Africa and between Africa and the world over.


A man identity like a corporate’s is paramount in life and the expected success. ASKY, the new regional airline has opted for an identity system representative of ideal it embodies and dreams to feed.

This system declines firstly through name, short to be easily memorized by users, staff and all Africans. Great effort was made to differentiate it from airlines names of which so far have operated on the continent. Literally, this name means Africa SKY, referring both to membership of the company in the African continent, but also the legitimate claim of the African sky as a place where firstly must evolve with African operators. This name and the airline logotype are written in capital letters; meaning the strength, robustness, the authority which ASKY intends to demonstrate in the African sky.

Aside from the name, the logo emphasizes the map of the continent, to reaffirm rooting of the new airline in the African continent, in its culture, its traditions and its children dream. The curve from the name mounting Africa and devoting as a crown symbolizes both company flying, which is efficient as well as the pride of Africa.

This identity system is based on only two colors: Brown and gold. Brown symbolizes the African land, its robustness, its strength, and the roots of the company in the African continent. Gold symbolizes noble ambitions, prosperity, and happiness. It should be noted that by combining these two colors, the name of the company on the basis of the letters is brown in color, confirming the notion of roots; and in the upper part is color gold, symbolizing an aspiration to embody prosperity on the continent, its ambitions to its pride.

Strategic partner

Ethiopian Airlines is a technical and strategic partner that participates in the capital. 
They have a management agreement with ASKY for the first five years.

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